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Belly and boobs inflated by..... by JessyAdams
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Belly and boobs inflated by..... :iconjessyadams:JessyAdams 560 44
Compilation best of Breast Expansion by JessyAdams Compilation best of Breast Expansion :iconjessyadams:JessyAdams 450 10 Breast expansion and Age Regression by JessyAdams Breast expansion and Age Regression :iconjessyadams:JessyAdams 1,641 97 Pregnant Inflation by JessyAdams Pregnant Inflation :iconjessyadams:JessyAdams 826 75 New belly and boobs inflation image/video by JessyAdams New belly and boobs inflation image/video :iconjessyadams:JessyAdams 1,126 38 Breast and Belly Inflation by JessyAdams Breast and Belly Inflation :iconjessyadams:JessyAdams 327 25 Body Inflation - Gigantic belly almost pops by JessyAdams Body Inflation - Gigantic belly almost pops :iconjessyadams:JessyAdams 1,023 33 Breast Expansion - Juice me until they pop by JessyAdams Breast Expansion - Juice me until they pop :iconjessyadams:JessyAdams 1,286 48


The Making of Jessy's Inflation by Blimpettelover The Making of Jessy's Inflation :iconblimpettelover:Blimpettelover 24 0 Jessy Adams (Expanded Edition) by Blimpettelover Jessy Adams (Expanded Edition) :iconblimpettelover:Blimpettelover 26 3 The Return of Jessy, the Balloon Queen by Blimpettelover The Return of Jessy, the Balloon Queen :iconblimpettelover:Blimpettelover 17 0 Jessy, The Dirigible Queen by Blimpettelover Jessy, The Dirigible Queen :iconblimpettelover:Blimpettelover 24 0 Inflation in Black and Red by Blimpettelover Inflation in Black and Red :iconblimpettelover:Blimpettelover 25 0 Jessy's Inflation by Blimpettelover Jessy's Inflation :iconblimpettelover:Blimpettelover 86 9
The Pinocchio Bra 2: Magic Mishap
Steven awoke on a sunny morning after being rustled by his girlfriend Fiona who was walking around their room.
"What are you up to?"
"Oh, just taking a shower before we had out today. Try not to get bored, alright?" she said as she locked herself in the bathroom.
Steven laid down for a moment before glancing over at the bra that was hanging on the edge of their closet door. He frowned in disappointment at seeing the magical bra that he'd occasionally persuade his girlfriend into wearing, causing her chest to gradually become larger. Over time the magic properties of the bra had weakened, to the point where it barely affected Fiona at all. He sat up and stared at the bathroom door, thinking about how Fiona normally takes abnormally long showers. With how the two of them would be driving around town for the day, he got an idea. Steven quickly threw on some clothes, grabbed the bra, and drove down to the magic shop where he originally got it.
Arriving only a few minutes later, he was plea
:iconjessica50:Jessica50 149 14
One Wish (Part 2)
        Once it got late, Kelly wasn't feeling tired enough to fall asleep so she took out her laptop and browsed the internet for a while. She looked at new scientific discoveries, the week's weather, new movies coming out soon, and new fashion ideas. Eventually she ended up looking up pictures of the human body, and articles about the different body systems. She did have a health class research paper to write so she decided to get a head start on it. The more she looked at, the more a thought nagged at her in her brain. It didn't want to go away. It was like her bosom was having a mind of its own and urging her to do its bidding.
        ...anyone that I ever see...
        The thought kept repeating itself over and over again.
        Does it work with images?
        Transfixed by her mind, her hand moved to click on a picture of a supermodel.
:iconbrowsingchipmunk:BrowsingChipmunk 98 20
Getting Fired TG
'Are you firing me?' I asked. 'No Rowe we are letting you go, you should see this as an opportunity.' My boss answered. 'But... Why?' is asked. 'I'm sorry Rowe but there are just too many boys who work here. Most of our customers want a girl or a woman. We just need more girls and less boys, it's as simple as that.'
So... You get the point. I was being fired. There were too many guys and too few girls, I get it I get it but this company is called Turning Hour right? Can't they fix anything?
By the way, my name is Rowe and I write this down because I think this is going to be an important event in my life. So, I was sitting there and suddenly an idea popped into my head.
'So our customers want more girls?' I asked. 'Yes Rowe exactly.' My boss had the annoying habit to say my name in every sentence he said to me. 'So if I am okay being a girl I can keep working here?' I asked. Hope was growing. 'Well hmm, I guess... yes actually that wouldn't be a problem with me, I always liked you Rowe
:icontg-017:TG-017 114 12
Kate and Jenny part 6
 I can’t believe she ate five of those cheeseburgers. I thought while I was cleaning up after the dinner. What the hell is going on with her?! Each of those burgers had around 1000 calories! As I thought about it, I remembered that I wasn’t holding back either, eating two of those things myself. I looked down at my sizable bosom. I guess that girls have some growing ahead of them…
I planned to play some video games before going to bed, but as I entered my room I suddenly felt very tired. I yawned and stretched my back. I’ll call it a night then, I suppose. I stripped from my clothes and in my underwear I crawled into bed. Lying on my back was now rather uncomfortable because of the weight of my boobs, making it more difficult to breathe, so I turned on my side. I can’t believe how heavy they’re becoming. I closed my eyes and in a matter of seconds I was fast asleep.
I woke up feeling u
:icon333blebleble333:333Blebleble333 84 2
Water Weight 2
Lacy had awoke in what looked like a hospital, but before long she understood that she was in a military instillation. The main give away was all the uniform-wearing guys posted just outside of her door. The fact that she was also handcuffed to her bed was also a little bit of a clue. After a couple of days her doctor and a very angry looking man in full military dress came into her room together.
The doctor began the meeting by trying to explain what happened and how she had gotten there. “ The other night it seems that you got overly drunk and staggered out into a pouring rain. The first officers on scene noted that you were roughly the size of a mini-van and still expanding. They tried in vain to help you but not know what was wrong or even what was happening they were unable to help you. You continued to expand until the military and the Department personal got on site and by then you had leveled the better part of a block; cars, trucks, buildings, even a few people trapped i
:iconpettyexpo:Pettyexpo 112 18
Water Weight
Lacy was pretty sure that she had the lamest super power ever when she had first developed the ability in middle school after the flash that had given a third of all the females on the planet some sort of extra ability. In the beginning she was just able to absorb water at will. If she absorbed enough of it she got puffy and swelled up.
It really was a pretty stupid ability at first, but later she learned how to absorb water then redirect it and kind of shoot water from her fingertips. Then she was able to apply pressure to it and use it as a kind of weapon. The last trick that she learned was how to absorb water and control where it was stored.
As it turned out that was the most useful skill in Lacy’s eyes, mainly because it allowed her to shape shift in minor ways. That was really just a selfish ability though. She used it trick people or get guys. She could look heavier, bustier, or some times for certain guys she could shift it to her rear end.
Since her power was deemed to b
:iconpettyexpo:Pettyexpo 389 24
Wendy and the Pill o Pregnancy
Wendy and the Pill of Pregnancy by Ruben
Wendy met her friend, Dr. Richards. Dr. Richards was making a pill to make a woman pregnant without sexual intercourse. The doctor ask Wendy to come over to test out the pill. Wendy looked at the pill.
"This pill will make you pregnant. Each week will be like each month in a pregnancy. It will be a hit with career women who don't want to waste time having the pregnancy or the long time being fat." said the doctor.
Wendy looked at the doctor and asked "What happens if this tablet does not work ? Will I get a fast pregnancy where I got through the pregnancy in one day or no pregnancy ?"
"No, the tablet will work fine. I have another one here if you want to give it to a friend. This tablet should give a faster pregnancy." said the doctor.
Wendy grabbed the first pill and swallowed it. The doctor turned around to her and said "One day in each week will be the day where you will be doing the growing, like breasts expanding for milk or uterus growing.
:iconrub-ger:rub-ger 348 21
Insta-Preg 2
A young woman named Amber was shopping at a local mall, she went to a maternity store ,looking browsing the store, seeing shirts for pregnant women.
A other young woman named Avaline saw Amber, she was curious in that the girl didn't seem pregnant at all. So out of curiosity she left the blouses and approached "Hey, how are you?" she said with a smile. "Oh doing good how about you?" Amber smiled but a little a nervous while holding her arm. "Just fine, thank you very much." Avaline saw how Amber looked insecure, so she smiled as warm as she can "So is this your first?" she felt one of the maternity blouses to see its softness. "Oh yes" Amber blushes "I was looking to .... see if ... which ones... look good on me." she was embarrassed and fixing her long brown hair. "Well don't worry, when you start feeling them out you will know" Avaline gave a sigh brushing her bangs "You are so lucky though." "Oh I'm not really pregnant but I would be after I take the pill."
Amber was watching Avalin
:iconpregolove:Pregolove 226 15
Magical Pregnancy
"Honey!" called Samantha to her husband. "What is it dear?" Hunter wandered into his living room and found his 6 month pregnant wife lying on the couch. "It's your birthday tomorrow and i want to do everything you want to do. So tonight i want you to think about what you want to do. And can you help me to bed? I'm tired." Sam told him. "That sounds great honey. Sure i'll help you right now." He helped her up then helped her up a floor into their bedroom. He helped her into bed and pulled the covers over her. "Goodnight sweetie. See you in the morning." And he kissed her good night. He rushed down into his basement. He had been married for 2 years now but in that time there was something he had never told his wife. She knew he was a genius doctor and scientist but what she didn't know was that was actually a cover up for what he really was. A witch. And a maieusophile. He started to plan a wonderful day for tomorrow. He started mixing potions and createing exlixirs. He didn't need to sl
:iconxpicallia:Xpicallia 415 35
Breast Expansion
    I have a special talent. I can control the size of my breasts. Some people think it's magic, but I see it as a gift, just like perfect pitch, synesthesia, or crazy math skills. A couple of my friends have asked me about it, so I've told them, but I don't usually tell people about it. I'm pretty quiet, and it's kind of an awkward thing to bring up.
    I first discovered my talent when I was twelve. There was a boy in my class I had a huge crush on, and I noticed whenever we talked, by boobs seemed a little bigger than usual. I went home, and discovered my talent. With time and practice, I slowly got better at it. I can get a virtually flat chest, and on a good day, I can get up to a 46K. Usually, though, I just stay at a 36C. Noticeable, but practical. I have boxes of bras sorted by size - smaller ones if I'm running the mile, and bigger ones if I'm going on a date. Sometimes I go bigger or smaller just depending on how I'm feeling that morning.
    Today is Saturd
:icontheanony:theanony 209 27



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